I am a PhD candidate in philosophy of science at the LSE and I work in the field of general philosophy of science, with specific interest in scientific modelling and representation. Previously, I studied at the Universities of Trento, Bologna, and LSE, I have been a member of two Italian Schools of Excellence, and I spent study periods abroad at the University of Vienna and at Columbia University (NY). Parallel to university career, I had the opportunity to carry out several work activities, mostly connected to academia and more generally to education, but not only that – e.g. I spent four months in Berlin for a traineeship as a journalist in an online magazine. Currently, I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the LSE Philosophy Department and I hold seminar classes for undergraduate students. I love reading novels, spending time with friends and travelling, particularly hiking in the mountains. Also, I am a Karate black belt, and though my competition time is long gone, I still like to train every now and then.

If you have any questions for me or anyone of our PX Members please feel free to contact us! I look forward to hearing from you soon.