Who we are…

Philosophy Exchange is an evolving platform for sharing philosophical ideas and fostering community among those who are interested in philosophy. Philosophy Exchange grew out of a group of master’s students, mostly based at the London School of Economics, who wanted to continue to engage with philosophy after they graduated from their programs. Many members of Philosophy Exchange are enrolled in further graduate studies, but many are also pursuing careers in other directions, with enduring interests in philosophy that they want to cultivate alongside those other careers. We attempt to be an inclusive group, and want to grow our community. We encourage young philosophers to reach out to us if they wish to get involved in our various projects.

Philosophy Exchange is a place for learning which is free and open to all. The society benefits from the diversity of experience and knowledge that members of all stages of learning bring to the community. We welcome you to join our growing community of young professionals. We appreciate your interest and are curious to see what you can teach us today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

Our community is centered around some basic egalitarian values. We offer you a safe intellectual space that welcomes philosophers from all backgrounds, cherishes all members’ ideas and recognizes their originality, respects the intellectual property of others, aims to cater to the needs of every member equally, encourages a community-driven and non-competitive environment, provides constructive feedback which helps other to improve their work, and welcomes and encourages feedback from others and uses it to improve the community.

Meet the PX Team

What we do…

A platform for young philosophers to exchange ideas, and thoughts – to comment on each other’s work and to engage in fun discussions.

PX Conferences

We organise graduate conferences in philosophy. For more information about future conferences, click here.

PX Podcast

A platform for PX members to come together, discuss philosophy, interview other philosophers, and have exciting conversations on a wide variety of topics.

Our Memory Board

Our hybrid office space for the PSGC2021
Screenshot of Philosophy of Science Graduate Conference in October 2021 (PSGC2021)