I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Bern in Switzerland. At the University I split my time between the Graduate School of Climate Science and the Institute for Philosophy, additionally within the University I am a member of the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR). From this it is quite evident that my current research is largely interdisciplinary, as I toe this fine line between the worlds of philosophy and climate science. Currently I have found my focus to fall on the role expert judgment plays in climate science, looking at the impact these judgments have on knowledge production and communication. Before moving to Switzerland to start this current chapter of my life, I attended the London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK, where I had the incredible opportunity to meet many of the beautiful people who are now PX members as well (see their pages here). At the LSE I completed an MSc in Philosophy of Science with a thesis titled “A Critical Analysis of the IPCC’s Methodology for Detection and Attribution of Climate Change”. Originally, I am from the United States, where I spent my undergraduate days at Loyola University Chicago, completing three degrees – a BA in Philosophy, a BS in Environmental Science: Conservation and Restoration Ecology, and a BA in Environmental Policy. In my free time I enjoy exploring all that this wonderful world has to offer, from swimming in the largest of oceans to having a drink with good friends in the smallest of towns, I firmly believe that life is too short to watch it from the sidelines.

For a full list of my current publications please visit my ORCID page here.

So, if you have any questions specifically for me or for any of our PX Members please feel free to contact us! I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will stop by again soon.